We are all connected!!!

Human energy field


All we are connected ... Today all quantum physics agreed about the fact that ther’s a unified field of energy that connect everything in the universe. Thinking to that, the direct consequence of that, is that all of our thoughts, our body, our soul, are connected with this energy field. In the same time all social conditioning, religion conditioning, familiar conditioning are blocking many time, the inner connection with ourself. Now the questions are: how we can be aware of our energy field connection? How we feel deeply the inner connection with somebody else?

The answer is only one: love! So just starting loving ourself and all what we are NOW in this moment (right now while you are reading this blog!). 

Fortunately universe trought mother nature, has made us available a lot of beautiful “tools” to help us in this wonderful journey.

We are a group of people all around the world but with the same target: reconnect ourself with our true essence. With many years of beautiful journey we learned to use many naturals “tools” coming from Mother Earth. Travelling in many places and knowing many shamans and other awakened people, we also learned about all the energies that are forming our true reality. We don’t want to live only in a spiritual way. All things that we learned we try to apply every moment of our daily life. This website is also a store of all products that we used in these years and that we know that are powerful and helpful tools in this fantastic journey called “life”.

So we would like to share with you any kind of knowledge with all our love and support. In fact we only work with very experienced shamans that know very well all ancestral Mother Earth remedies. Also we are supporting all indigenous people selling them craft products.

So if you are ready for a change in your life, follow us and we will be very proud and grateful to share all our knowledge and love with you.

”We are here in this reality, in this dimension, in this universe, in this planet to share our love!”

With gratitude

NaturaCurandera Staff

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