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3D Light Glass Vase Diffuser Aromatherapy Auto Shut-off
💗💗 Features: A changing array of colors as its LED lights shifts through 7 mesmerizing colors providing hours of selfless relaxation.3D essential oil diffuser is elegant in design and charming in color. The 3D effect is made of glass and...
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WHAT IS IT AMBIL: It is one of the different conscious ways of consuming tobacco. Indigenous people in South America consume tobacco in many ways: orally, via the respiratory tract, percutaneously, by chewing or drinking it, soaked in the mouth,...
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Awaken the Inner Shaman: A Guide to the Power Path of the Heart
AVAILABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGE (Spanish, French, German, Italian) Within you is a greater, wiser self that is not bound by your fears, worries, or perceived limitations. Dr. José Luis Stevens calls this the Inner Shaman the part of you that...
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Aya Candle
Natural soya candle with a drop of Ayahuasca and some oil essence (rosmarine or ginger or lemon or orange) in a glass jar. They are hand made candles used by some shaman in the ceremony. They are very powerful and...
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BKS Iyengar Yoga The Path to Holistic Health: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide
AVAILABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGE (Spanish, French, German, Italian) Everyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga on the mind, body, and spirit with this updated, illustrated guide from world-renowned yoga authority B.K.S Iyengar, globally respected for his holistic approach and technical...
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These types of essences or extracts come from a selection of plants that produce a purifying effect on aura, body and energy. Used by South Americans shamans in ceremony to purify all kind of energies.Almost all plants we use grow...
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Copal Incense Natural
Copal is a vegetable resin from an Amazonian tree. It purifies, protects, harmonizes and creates conditions favourable to introspection. ‘Ayahuasqueros’ shamans use it often starting ceremony.     DISCLAIMER:The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes...
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DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences
AVAILABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGE (Spanish, French, German, Italian) From 1990 to 1995 Dr. Rick Strassman conducted U.S. Government-approved and funded clinical research at the University of New Mexico in which he injected sixty volunteers with DMT, one of the most...
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Essential Oils 100% Pure Natural
  There are many ways to use our RAINBOW ABBY Essential Oils, here are just a few.   * Oil Burners - One of the most popular ways is using them with an oil burner. Adding a few drops to...
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Handmade reusable washable Face protection Mask Organic Natural
Assorted and random colours WHAT IS IT: This face mask is handmade by our African friends. Their sartorial knowledge led them in this period to produce these precious and effective protective masks with high quality fabrics called "Wax". African wax prints, also known...
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Hoska Rapé Snuff
WHAT IS IT RAPÉ: This Colombian Hoska Rapé is made exclusively for us by a shaman. He works with plants and healers from many parts around South America.The Strength from the elements Rapé connects us with ancestral wisdom, helps for...
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Ocotea quixos, LAURACEAEOthers names: Ishpinku (kichwa), anís ahwa (castellano-kichwa), canela, canelo, canelón, flor de canela (castellano), canela de la amazonía, flor de la canela.It is one of the native spices of the Andean countries. It was one of the products...
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Kaxinawa Negro Rapé Snuff
The Kaxinawa people. This name come from kaxi or “bat” and nawa meaning “people” or “foreigners”. Their autonym is Huni Kuin or “real men”, from huni, “man”, and kuin meaning “real.” This Snuff is a strong, revitalizing and rejuvenating blend...
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KBAYBO 400ml Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Air Humidifier 7 Color Changing LED Lights
Add 2-3 drops essential oils to the water, enjoy sweet smell in your happy life!Brand Name: KBAYBOCapacity: <1LPower (W): 14wVoltage (V): 240VNoise: <36dbHumidification Method: Mist DischargeWater-shortage Power-off Protection: YesFunction: AromatherapyUse: HouseholdShape: Classic ColumnarApplication: 21-30㎡Humidity Control: ManualClassification: HumidificationCertification: ceCertification: RoHSCertification: URCertification:...
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Kuripe - Self Snuff Applicator Pipe
Bamboo herbal snuff applicators, handmade. They are used to administer herbal snuffs and powders such as Nu-nu, Rapé and Tobacco snuffs. Handmade by Colombian people. Lovingly crafted with natural materialsKuripe tips are fire smudged and the pipe cleansed with Palo...
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Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world
AVAILABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGE (Spanish, French, German, Italian) THE LIFE-CHANGING BESTSELLER. MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and...
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NATURA SIBERICA - Toothpaste Kamchatkan Mineral - Made with Wild Harvested Siberian Herbs - Without Floride - Siberian Wellness gor Gums and Teeth - 100 ml
For natural white teeth and healthy gums use our triple action toothpaste. A unique combination of Kamchatkan thermal water, active calcium, pearl extract, wild harvested rhodiola rosea extract, organic ginseng and wild milfoil will protect your teeth and gums with...
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Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Deep Repair Hair Mask for Severely Damaged Hair, 300 ml
Repairs damaged hair structure Makes hair elastic and shiny Makes hair thicker and stronger Perfect for unruly, dyed or highlighted hair Vitamins and amino-acids in the formula nourish and repair hair Product description Product Description Oblepikha Siberica mask repairs the...
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Natural Rubber Slip-resistant Yoga Mats blanket Folding
Length: 183cm*61cmThickness: 3.5 mm (Senior Type)Material: RubberSize: 183*68*1.5cmThickness: 1.5cmNotice: A little smell [des] Length: 183cm*61cmThickness: 3.5 mm (Senior Type)Material: RubberSize: 183*68*1.5cmThickness: 1.5cmNotice: A little smell [/des]
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  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue
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Omia Aloe Natural Dermo Bath - 400 Ml
MADE IN ITALY PRODUCT FROM ORGANIC FARMING Omia Dermo Bath is enriched with Organic ALOE VERA from certified organic farming. Aloe Vera gives to the skin the fresh hydration and freshness increases its tone leaving it soft and luminous Use: apply to wet...
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Palo Santo - Holy Sticks (3-5 bundles)
Palo Santo, or Holy Stick, (Burseara Graveolens) is a natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing. Unlike conventional incense which burns completely after...
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This is a powerful incense produced by bees coming from Colombia. When they feel that it’s time to abadon their home, part of their hive are left to be used as incense. It gets its name from its sticky and...
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Made by indigen amazon tribes from the set of many seeds and plants among which also the seeds "chondur” (sometimes they used also ginger). It’s used many time before a Rapé ceremony form shamans to clear nasal passage and help...
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Rudetihi - Balancing Perfume
Made by some shaman from amazon this is an extract of 6 plants, each with its special property which together bring harmony. This precious extract with its complex mixture and preparation gives us a great support, a key state and base,...
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