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7 RAPE' ( 7 CHAKRA) -
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7 RAPE' ( 7 CHAKRA) Magic Nature Shop
RAPÉ MULATEIRO (First chakra) it is produced from the ashes of the Mulateiro tree and from Tobacco. Circulates bilaterally. It is a very fine and fluid dark gray powder. Initially it produces a sharp and powerful sensation that tends to make the eyes water. In the first moments after the...


4 RAPÉ (4-5-6-7 CHAKRA) -
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4 RAPÉ (4-5-6-7 CHAKRA) Magic Nature Shop
RAPÉ PAU PEREIRA (Fourth chakra) Also known as Tsunum, it is made with the ash from the bark of Pau Pereira and Tobacco. It is normally used to let off, clean. Acts on 3 levels: mental-emotional-physical. Cleans, balances and opens our hearts to dissolve and release emotions.With a direct intention it...


RAPÉ CUMARÚ (7 chakra - Corona) -
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RAPÉ CUMARÚ (7 chakra - Corona) Magic Nature Shop
  RAPÉ CUMARÚ (Seventh chakra - Corona)Activate the chakras of the head, calming the thought and opening the extra physicalperceptions thanks to the mental focus. It is a pleasant and strong Rapé that contains ashes ofthe bark of the Tonka tree. Cumaru has a great connection to the earth and has...