WHAT IS IT AMBIL: It is one of the different conscious ways of consuming tobacco. Indigenous people in South America consume tobacco in many ways: orally, via the respiratory tract, percutaneously, by chewing or drinking it, soaked in the mouth,...
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Kaxinawa Negro Rapé Snuff
The Kaxinawa people. This name come from kaxi or “bat” and nawa meaning “people” or “foreigners”. Their autonym is Huni Kuin or “real men”, from huni, “man”, and kuin meaning “real.” This Snuff is a strong, revitalizing and rejuvenating blend...
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Tepi - Snuff applicator Pipe
Bamboo herbal snuff applicators, handmade. They are used to administer herbal snuffs and powders such as Nu-nu, Rapé and Tobacco snuffs. Handmade by Colombian people. Lovingly crafted with natural materialsThese beautiful tepi are made by our Colombian friends in a...
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Rudetihi - Balancing Perfume
Made by some shaman from amazon this is an extract of 6 plants, each with its special property which together bring harmony. This precious extract with its complex mixture and preparation gives us a great support, a key state and base,...
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