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Aya Candle
Natural soya candle with a drop of Ayahuasca and some oil essence (rosmarine or ginger or lemon or orange) in a glass jar. They are hand made candles used by some shaman in the ceremony. They are very powerful and...
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Sananga Milkwood - ancestral eye drops
WHAT IS IT SANANAGA EYE DROPS: The sananga eye drops are made from the root and bark of the tabcoemontana yeallow beak and comes directly from the communities kaxinawa and Matsés (Brazil) that infuse the drops with intentions of absolute...
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Yawanawa Snuff Rapé
The Yawanawá (yawa = “wild boar” and nawá = “people”) are an indigenous people who live in Acre in Brazil, Madre de Dios in Peru, and Bolivia.This Snuff is a feminine, energizing blend of the Tobacco and other herbs related...
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